It's nice to meet you!

I love making big, bold, graphic illustrations that elevate text and help readers understand complex narratives in magazines, newspapers, blogs, websites and books.

Feel free to contact me for commissions or just to say hello. If you'd like to learn more about what it's like to work together, step this way.

Selected clients

Fortune Magazine / The New York Times / BBC3 / The Washington Post / Man Repeller / Reader's Digest / Lenny Letter

Still curious? 

Here's 10 interesting things about me:

1. I'm a committed minimalist and I'm working to produce a zero waste household.

2. I have a Master's Degree in Urban Planning and in a former life I worked in international development, helping to create safer cities for women around the world.

3. I live in the beautiful Mile End neighbourhood of Montréal and am lucky enough to have a studio just down the street from my home.

4. I've visited every continent except Antarctica and Australia.

5. I grew up in a village on Vancouver Island.

6. I am functionally fluent in French.

7. I study herbs and plants in my free time.

8. I'm the proud mother of 15 flourishing houseplants and one slightly overweight cat.

9. I recently took up snowshoeing.

10. I often feel nostalgic about the 70s, even though I was born in the 80s.